Course Rules

Please be a considerate member/guest. Please follow these simple rules for the benefit of all golfers.

  1.  Each player must have their own set of clubs.

  2.  NO more than 4 golfers per group; except for designated days & times:                                              Sundays - NOON to Close Tuesdays & Thursdays - 5 PM to Close

  3.  ALL beverages MUST be purchased in the clubhouse.  Others will be confiscated.

  4.  Slow golfers PLEASE let faster golfers play through. 

  5.  PLEASE repair ALL divot and ball marks.  Repair tools are complimentary in clubhouse.

  6.  Cart paths MUST be used where available.

  7.  Keep carts at least 20 feet from tees and greens.

  8.  Children MUST be supervised by an adult at all times.

  9.  NO metal spikes allowed.

  10.   MUST be 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license to rent a lease cart.


  12.   Golfers MUST purchase range balls in the clubhouse.

  13.   Practicing is RESTRICTED to range and practice areas.  NOT ON THE COURSE.

  14.   Theft and misappropriation of found range balls is considered a crime.

  15.   Shirts and shoes are REQUIRED on the course and in the clubhouse.

  16.   NO SMOKING in the clubhouse.

  17.   Permission is needed by clubhouse staff on duty to start on HOLE #10.

  18.   NO fishing, swimming or ball hunting is permitted in the pond.

  19.   When “COURSE CLOSED” sign is posted; it is CLOSED to everyone.

  20.   NO REFUNDS.  Rain checks ONLY will be given. 

  21.   USGA rules govern all play.

  22.   Power line rules on Holes #1 and #8.

  23.   The superintendent, clubhouse manager and staff on duty may remove golfer(s) and or customers from course or clubhouse for any flagrant violation of course rules, etiquette, inappropriate conduct, obnoxious behavior, intoxication, damage of property, failure to follow course play, refusal to allow faster players through, and bringing of alcoholic beverages on the course or in the clubhouse.


Your driver‘s license MAY be held in the clubhouse and be returned when finished.  This is for both members and guests.

Thank You,

Big Rock Staff & Board Of Directors